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Life Programme

The Life programme is a financial instrument of the European Union, dedicated exclusively to the environment, which aims to support the development, implementation and the updating of the community environmental policy and legislation.
LIFE consists of three thematic components:
  • LIFE-Nature: aimed at the conservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora, and the European net "Natura 2000" in particular.

  • LIFE-Environment: the specific objective of LIFE-Environment is to contribute to the development of innovative and integrated techniques and methods and the continuation of the development of the community environmental policy.

  • LIFE-Third Countries: the specific objective of LIFE-Third Countries is to contribute to the creation of the necessary administrative capacities and structures in the environmental sector, and the development of environmental policies and action programmes in third countries bordering the Mediterranean and the Baltic Sea countries, not belonging to the Central or East European countries that have signed association agreements with the European Community.