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Project Description
The general aim of the project "ECO-CERAMICA"; is to reduce the environmental impact of sludge generated by wastewater treatment plants (EDAR), by means of suitable management and recycling techniques in accordance with the National Plan for Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plants. The aim of this innovative pilot project is to contribute to sustainable development in the area, through developing alternative sludge disposal methods.
Specific Objectives:

  • Demonstrate that it is feasible and profitable to make ceramic products using sludge from wastewater treatment plants.
  • Involve as many ceramic industries as possible in the reuse of sludge.
  • Disseminate the experience through Europe.
  • Reduce sludge disposal on landfills and improve the environmental quality of the area.
  • Create a new legal model on this subject.
Actions to be undertaken:

  • Development of a system of analysis and characterization of sludge, clay and sludge disposal, in order to optimize its use as raw material for manufacturing ceramic products.
  • Creation of a pilot plant for sludge treatment in the wastewater treatment plants (EDAR).
  • Organization of a sludge collecting and transport system, adapted to the demands of the ceramic industries in order to reduce storage and logistic costs.
  • Introduction of a new environmental management method for residues from wastewater treatment plants (EDAR), converting them into raw material by means of an innovative process. ECO-CERAMICS uses material that was considered as waste by transforming it into a resource.
  • Promotion, communication and awareness-raising campaign. Organization of training courses for the parties involved in the project, dissemination campaigns to raise awareness and sensibility among the population in general, ceramic industries, public and private entities that manage wastewater treatment plants (EDAR), and companies from the building sector, of the benefits that ECO-CERAMICS provides for them and for the environment.
  • Application of the Main Frame System for the on-line coordination, development and justification of the project among the participants, technical assistance and the EC.
  • Creation of an environmental control system to monitor the environmental behaviour of the ceramic industries, by means of an indicators system and a measurement programme to evaluate the advantages of the implementation of ECO-CERAMICS.
  • Proposal for establishing a municipal ordinance on environmental protection that will reward the good performance of managers of wastewater treatment plants in order to encourage them to collaborate with the project. In the same way, the ceramic industries that adhere to the project can also be rewarded .