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Project Description


  • Confirmation of the technical feasibility and the economic viability of ceramic products made of sludge from waste waster treatment plants and introduction of the remaining material through the normal sales and distribution channels.
  • Reduction of sludge at its origin. An important amount of sludge from wastewater treatment plants will be used for the ECOCERAMICA project.
  • Achievement of the phasing out of sludge dumping by wastewater treatment plants and that they themselves will become the main promoters of the system.
  • Involvement of as many ceramic industries as possible in using sludge as raw material in their processes.
  • Noticeable improvement of the environmental quality of the area by avoiding the dumping of contaminants, leachables and greenhouse gas emissions, and by reducing energy consumption in the ceramic industry.
  • Introduction of an innovative local legal model on this subject.
  • Dissemination of this experience to other regions of the country and the rest of Europe.